Portfolio Concept

Design: Clean, easy to navigate layout that incorporates a few select WOW features using latest front-end tools. Content: Communicate passion for building websites / web apps that not only look good, but achieve goal(s) efficiently and in a super user-friendly and efficient manner. I'm an avid traveller currently living in Cambodia. I'd like get accross my love for travel while working remotely with clients/companies around the world. I have two Ruby on Rails web apps I can potentialy include: a blog platform and a stock tracking app. Both built as part of a Udemy course I took. They need some work to make them look presentable and I also hope to extend their functionality in the next few months.

Project Goals

I'm very lucky in that I have a very flexible freelance position right now and I can work when/how much I want. I plan to spend 30+ hours on this course per week and hope to finish it by mid-September (4 months from now).

Course Goals

I am taking this course to change my career path. In 2014 I quit my job in IT sales and started travelling full-time with my girlfriend. We've been on the road just over two years now and hope to continue travelling as digital nomads. I currently work as a freelance blogger, but have dabbled in creating WordPress sites and fell in love with it. I hope that I can learn the necessary skills to land a remote junior developer job that will allow me to continue travelling while gaining experience. Idealy I'd like to work for an agency on a range of projects, but failing that, I will look at working as a freelance RoR dev.

Recent Work

Who is Collen?

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Short version...

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My Skills

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript

Long version...

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Learn More

A few years ago I took up trail running and wanted to start a blog to keep track of my training, the gear I was using, managing any injuries (of which there were a lot, so many that I eventually gave up the sport) and to track the races I took part in. Instead of paying someone to create a site for me, I taught myself how to use WordPress and fell in love with making websites.
A typical project starts with a discovery session where the client shares their goals for their website. These include the general design and layout, color scheme, specific calls-to-action for each page and desired business outcomes. I follow this up with a mockup (wireframe or dummy site) that allows the client to provide feedback and further direction. The next step is to populate the site with graphics, content and working features. Blah, Blah, Blah...
Typically, the first draft or mockup will be ready within three business days. Once the client apporves this and profides the necessary content, etc., I will deliver a working protype within two weeks. The final site will be completed no more than a month after the project started.


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